Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Dead Things Oh my!

It has been heaven since preschool started! So far my favorite project done at school is the police badge that says Officer (insert kids name here)

Were working on learning our phone number aka mama’s cell phone number. I had some of these plastic report cover pages lying around. It turns out they are great for writing and wiping off with dry erase markers. So I printed out the phone in the picture and had kiddo identify the numbers as I told her what my phone number was. She was not very happy when I told her I liked the write and wipe better than the paper. I did explain that paper is made of dead trees and we should try and limit the amount of paper we use. She did not like it when I asked her ” Do you want to kill trees? “.

Yesterday I got a bunch of junk mail. Kiddo and kiddo next door 2.0 were bored. At least kiddo next door 2.0 kept telling me he was bored. So I suggested he start cutting shapes from the junk mail, which also progressed into letters and numbers. Here’s our finished product.

I call this introduction to Non-Fiction Preschool style. Naming parts of the dead butterfly we found in our back yard is also a great way to do letter-sound introduction and it keeps their attention!

Here’s her drawing.(aka science observations)

Oh my! I know I would not have time to do things like this if I was working. I enjoyed every minute of these activities with my kiddo, and I know I am a lucky mama! The hissy fit she threw before passing out for a nap, no I can’t say I enjoyed it. I did enjoy having the ability to express compassion and creativity during it though. 🙂

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