The Three Posts

Becoming a witness to my own thoughts through meditation has been quite interesting. It is probably the best thing I have ever done for myself. Realizing that the mind is like a foot or a hand and must be “trained” for use is certainly a new concept for me.

I started three separate posts in three days, and then wrote one letter under two of the titles and a half of sentence under the other title. Two of the titles are things I am trying to become more aware of because when I do them, its not really helpful.

Spinning Out

Whenever I see this phrase I think of a car spinning its tires in the snow and/ or doing donuts.

This is when I spend to much time thinking of “other people’s problems” and what they or I could do about them. Most of the time I end in some kind of comparison/ judgement which is not helpful

Comparison will leave us uncomfortable, either on the side of pride or of inadequacy. -From More Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie

Because reality is the only person I can help is me.

Intensity Levels

I’ve been told by *some people* that when I speak really passionately about something I sound angry. When it comes to educating children I want them to have the best and I do get angry when I do not see that happening.

My mind jumps to conclusions extremely fast and I can feel it in my body. Lots of times these conclusions are false.


Getting what I want is not always what is best for me. Through two losses I realized I already have everything I need right now.

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