Thoughts in a Jar

Yesterday was the second meditation class I attended at the Kadampa Center of Raleigh. I really struggled with   sitting still for all of the meditations. Me hyperactive much, sheesh no. I did like the Mind Like the Sky meditation. Laying down on a hard surface is much easier than sitting meditation, it probably has something to do with my posture. I am sure a cushion might help but I just bought some yoga bolsters and don’t want to break the bank.

This activity can be found in the back of Moody Cow Meditates.

Mind Jar Ingredients

sparkles- 3 different colors
jar with lid
clear dishsoap
bottle of glycerin

The water, glycerin, and soap represent a calm and clear mind. Each color of sparkles represents a different type of thought. We used red for angry and blue for happy/ calm. I also threw in some clear sparkles but I don’t remember if we associated a feeling with them.  Shake the jar with the lid on to represent feeling agitated or irritable. We talked about how you can sit still and breathe until thoughts settle down to the bottom. My 3 year old likes to lay on the floor watching the sparkles fall to the bottom of the jar.

Lately, I have been using stories, aromatherapy/lotion, and chew tube to help my kiddo settle down. Chewing gum has been a life saver and I must go to the store to get some this afternoon.

4 Responses to Thoughts in a Jar

  1. Scattermom says:

    Moody cow–I love it! I’m going to steal that jar idea.

    /note–there’s no way in hell I could meditate in a room with other people. So kudos to you for pulling that off!/


  2. Carolyn says:

    We read the story a few days ago, while vacationing and my son (almost 4 and going through an angry/defiant stage)loved it and loved the idea of moody jar, so today we picked up some glitter and we will make one today!


  3. Carolyn says:

    What is the ratio for the water, glycerine and dish soap?


    • chaos says:

      I am not sure what the exact ratio is but there should be a recipe in the back of the book. It has been a while since I did the activity. My husband also suggested using just baby oil and glitter, so that might be something else to try.


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