My cat imparts Her feline feminist wisdom upon me daily. She just recently started being able to stand being in the same room as my three year old, subtle message…. hmmm. Occasionally she allows the kiddo a brief moment of glory as she runs quickly, yet close enough to touch Her silky, furry softness. The more time I spend alone in silence with her furry wisdom incarnate, the more sane I feel.  Sometimes I sneak away using Herself as an excuse to spend some time alone.

In my attempt to embrace that which has scared Jebus out of men through relatively recent times and given power to women, I impulsively bought The Witches Almanac.

The preface states:

“The fundamental bond between a witch and a familiar is of the utmost importance-for each, bringing emotional and spiritual strength and support.”

This is very true in my case because after I spend quiet time with Her-fuzziness I feel that my unconscious and conscious self have come together briefly. Because animals are closer to being “wild” rather than “civilized”, spending time with them helps us contact that which is innate- often wild or untamed potential.

Her-fuzziness was feral for a time. We don’t really know her whole story. What I do know about Dottie is scary. Sometimes I really wish she could talk.

Right Meow, what I’ve surfed around the Interwebs

Canadian women’s hockey team being chastised for “acting like men”, obviously they are way too in touch with their wild side.

Debauchery of the Pretty Virginal Princess Barbie (including a little eye candy with my fav. yummy treat—-also death to The Purity Myth)

Reading, Writing, Fic, Horror, Angst & Vampires (via TrueBlood Twilight)


Keeping the kiddo occupied while I write: Cats 101 (via Animal Planet), Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theatre, chapstick, and bumpers.

ps i know i cannot punctuate worth a poo…if you care to send suggestions…email me

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  1. […] There’s a skeleton by my rear window brake light. This is almost unheard of here. Since I am embracing my witchy/wild side I’d really like to get Moshie and I a black kitten but Kryten is resisting. I think I might […]


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