Carolina Rollergirls

kid interview: Carolina Rollergirls match Nov.21st
What did you like about them?–I saw the black ones and the pink ones.

What did they have on their helmet?–stars
(the jammer has a star on her helmet)

How did they go fast/ what are those things on their feet?
I don’t know.

Clearly this match had more impact on me than my kiddo. It was awesome to see a women’s sport I could actually get into. Soccer and Basketball never did it for me. It rocked when S asked ” Are those MY rollergirls?”. I had to fight off tears for half of the time I was there because they kicked so much a$$. My mom never had the chance to take me to an adult women’s sporting event, as far as I know.

At least I know she followed some action by watching the star on the jammers helmet. Huz came out of the closet as a roller derby watcher while we were there after he explained the whole game to me.

New hero I want S to meet Fairy Brutal because yes she is THAT into Fairies (and Princesses too)

I just might take the kiddo to skate on a rainy day.

3 Responses to Carolina Rollergirls

  1. I never missed Roller Derby as a kid. I loved it!


  2. Happy Holidays to you!!! 🙂


  3. Carly says:

    I will have to check out the Roller Girls, I bet it would be fun!


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