New Plans & Dreams

Things I’ve been thinking about & doing lately:

1.Building Moshie a Loft

Woodworking Guide: Build Great Kid’s Furniture.

2.Converting the spare room into my art-deco and general taking over the world scheming station.

3.Caregiving really does drain life force, which is why I am still reading Vampire Novels. You try and explain it. Genre totally Adult now. Twilight was a good vamp. novel introduction. I love Anita Blake’s Universe created by Laurell K. Hamilton. I am convinced that every woman should have at least oh lets say 4-5 men at her beck and call 🙂

4.Partying for the kiddo’s 3rd and digi-scrapping it. At the end of the party (post-balloon apocalypse) kiddo said “can we go home now?”. She had so much daggone fun she forgot where she was!

5.Loving the heck out of my friends and family.

6.Working on a very part-time basis. It invigorates me and helps me remember who I am.

7.helping, brooding, waiting impatiently–being told “Mommy, should you be touching MY CAKE?”


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