Camping with Kiddo

We made the mistake of giving kiddo the impression that camping was when you set up your tent play in it and then sleep in your bed. She made it all 6 hours without having a fit in the car, and we do not have a dvd player. Amazing for a toddler. Sleeping on the ground for three nights is all these old hips can handle.
Anymore than that would have been moderately painful.

Day 1: arrive late, set up tent and tarp then go get bbq at a restaurant with the family. The crickets seem extra special loud, think almost Techno loud. It rains at night and our stuff gets wet. Kiddo and huz do not sleep good. We wake up to it raining, our shoes are soaked. Thank goodness for flip flops. Later that day we air dry the tent and sleeping bags.

Day 2: Loud crickets, very very loud crickets. The Got Jesus people hear me say to huz, while he watches me get dressed in the tent “Are you gonna stick 20 dollars in my pants?”.
They all look at us. I’m oblivious and loud. We visit the Folk School and see the families art. Grandma Noodle gets Moshie loves. “Firewood” was purchased. We all get together for coney dogs. Kiddo jumps off the boat and into the water, while the whole family watches. (she had on floaties) We burn a whole sunday paper trying to light a fire. Kiddo barfs three times in the tent. Huz/ angel rescued the kittie and blankie from puke.

Day 3: We visit Grandma Noodle’s workshop and the gift shop at the Folk School. After we go swimming at the condo’s pool. It is pizza and salad nite at Grandma Noodle Noodle’s. We invite the family to our campsite for smores. Chaos erupts. We have to “bring forth the unholy liquid”. (that’s a whole ‘nother post) Kiddo passes out in safe distance from fire. The family sings during smores consumption.

Day 4: We pack up and say goodbye. Exhausted and sick Kiddo makes the drive with only one tantrum.

2 Responses to Camping with Kiddo

  1. shraddha says:

    sounds like fun..i love summer..


  2. Jeff Drucker says:

    Camping is always difficult for kids.


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