definition of darklost from Booklore/ Mick Farren’s Book

Darklost, a human brought partway along the road to becoming Nosferatu and then cruelly abandoned.

Replace Nosferatu with “becoming a mother” and I’m right there. I am running my way out of being Darklost but its been difficult. Last two days I did 1 mile in under 13 minutes and very close to 12. When I started, I thought a mile under 15 minutes would be an accomplishment. It’s amazing how much better I feel after running. I’ve been using my favorite hot celeb. as inspiration (It’s working!)

The Twilight soundtrack’s first few songs are great for working out to. I seriously think they put Twilight’s soundtrack together for all the Mom fans.Speaking of mom fans I saw a grandmother reading Breaking Dawn at the pool today sitting next to her teenage grandkid 🙂

Seems to me like darklost is another word for depressed. BabyLust is a word I also use for depression related to infertility, sometimes I still have it, but not when my toddler is being toddler-ish.

This article kinda shocked me. It probably rings true for me. example: depressed/ anxious undergrad gpa 2.7 “recovering” gradschool gpa 3.8

Students with both depression and anxiety had especially poor academic performance.

“If you take a student at the 50th percentile of the GPA distribution and compare them to a student with depression alone, the depressed student would be around the 37th percentile—a 13 percent drop,” Eisenberg said. “However, a student with depression and anxiety plummets to about the 23rd percentile, a 50 percent drop.”

….but the question is am I going to let that get in the way of furthering my graduate studies?

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