Bella’s Pregnancy

Damn straight pregnancy is scary even under “approved circumstances”. I happened to read Breaking Dawn (BD) right after I had undergone surgery due to IUFD (fetal death/miscarriage) for the second time. This being my third miscarriage and all I thought I had the drill down. Dissappointingly I do not have a copy of BD at my fingertips so bear with me as I try to describe what I think Stephanie Meyer is subconsiously saying about pregnancy and motherhood with her last book. Pregnancy is extremely tenuous. Eventually it breaks you down and tears you apart, no matter the outcome.

Bella is broken down and torn apart quite literally in BD. Every miscarriage, abortion, and/or birth takes a little something from the woman going through it. That old cliche comes to mind…whenever a door is closed another is opened. It’s not all doom and gloom, there are lessons to be learned in each experience. Right now I feel like I need extra time and space to figure it out.

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