Mother of all cults: Twilight

The Mother of all cults

The themes that run through these books have my head spinning there are so many. The series is written by a mother of three and the idea came to her in a dream. There is something profound that these books have to say about motherhood but I haven’t been able to put it into words yet. I guess I will keep reading, listening, and watching until I figure it out.

And yes btw Robert Pattinson is a Hot (short version), Hot (long version), Hot boy-man
I like artsy bad boys, can you tell?

I’ve recently pulled my head out of a swirling moat of quick sand. It’s taken a bit of friendship, fiction, music, a long drive, and a few old photos. And a new summer wardrobe for thirty five dollars. Things seemed to come crashing down this Friday when I was informed that I had literal closure to my miscarriage. (The cervix is closed, no infections things are good.)

It’s an amazing transformation of the mind that takes place when you miscarry. One minute I was readying the nest and the next I was contemplating what that Hot artsy bad boy has to offer my relationship and career. I don’t think there should be such a mental disconnect but there is. I do think it is something hormonal instinctual but has probably affected me more because I was so focused on Motherhood. There just wasn’t enough mental space for me to try and handle a job/ my career when we were trying, pregnant, and then miscarrying (rinse and repeat), considering the trials and tribulations we had to go through to get Moshie.

There’s still much healing that needs to take place.

(did I use affected right in that sentence up there?Please someone let me know)

Thoughts on A Current Event:

On Rights Freedoms Responsibilities:

Dr. Tiller’s murder is terrible. How many women will die since there is now no one to do this procedure? Remember him.

When we take away womens choice of when to become a mother are we then disregarding how difficult being a mother is?

2 Responses to Mother of all cults: Twilight

  1. I continue to offer you my old-lady novenas, which I doggedly choose to believe have magical powers. 🙂



  2. chaos says:

    If these novenas send Hottie Rob to me I cannot say what I might do.


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