No News from Testing

Everything is coming back negative. Negative for clotting, immune, and chromosomal anomalies. Lastly, we are waiting on a fetal chromosome microarray test.


Chromosomal microarray analysis
A chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA) is a new laboratory test used to detect chromosomal imbalance at a higher resolution than current standard chromosome or FISH techniques.

A sample of DNA from the individual to be tested and a control DNA sample are arranged in a particular order (array) on a glass slide. Fluorescent dyes are attached to the DNA samples. These slides are then placed in a special scanner which measures the brightness of each fluorescent area.

This process looks for identification of a change in DNA copy number. These changes in DNA copy number may represent changes seen in the general population which do not cause genetic diseases. However, some changes in copy number may indicate a chromosomal abnormality such as a chromosomal imbalance, loss, or gain. Types of chromosomal abnormalities may include small chromosomal rearrangements, small duplications of chromosomal material (trisomy), or small deletion of chromosomal material (monosomy).

This site has given me some good info. infertility lab tests.

So far I think I am going to go back to the doc that I saw when I got preggo with Moshie. He was recommended by an OB/GYN department head that my uncle worked for at the time. Apparently he’s given a seminar presenting an “overview of the causes of recurrent miscarriages…..
Discussion will include the evaluation of, and possible treatments for, this devastating condition”. Seems reasonable to go back to him. I figure theres definitely two tests I am going to have to do an SHG and an endometrial biopsy.

2 Responses to No News from Testing

  1. I hate all that shit with a passion… they probed and scanned and radiated my thyroid virtually TO DEATH about 13 yrs ago.

    As a result, I will probably need to be half-dead before I consent again to extensive medical testing.


  2. chaos says:

    Most of it really does seem like torture. I doubt we will be doing any of it soon. Maybe in a couple of years….maybe…


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