Miscarriage. a list/ poem

1 amnio (needle to the belly)

20 tubes + 1 liter of blood

10 needle sticks

1 ambulance

3 clueless male EMT’s

7 Doctors

2 Hospitals

3 green-purple bruises

2 IV fluid bags

1 IV shot sodium chloride

1 butt shot methergen

3 mos morning/ all day sickness

2 engorged burning, urging breasts with no infant to suckle on Mother’s Day

its a constant reminder that my baby died

no reasons, solutions, or comfort

Sophia tenderly kisses each “boo-boo”

how I wish I could selfishly turn back time to when she hungrily suckled

to dream of such relief to this pain

I dream to let down easily

2 Responses to Miscarriage. a list/ poem

  1. Kate says:

    Beautiful and haunting. *hugs*


  2. ((((hugs for you my dearest one))))


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