Dada Hair Problem

Razor-toe (my huz) is growing his hair out because he wants to put it in a pony tail. This skeeves me out totally. He’s basically got a mullet that he covers with hats. Thank Goddess for hats. Here’s what is interesting. He is being so freaking SWEET. He is the “career person”, I “stay home”—but suddenly he is cleaning and folding laundry. We’ve been announcing that we are doing certain tasks around the house and then applauding each other. Yes it is silly but it seems to be working. All this niceness is making me forget about the hair problem. And it is ugly.

One Response to Dada Hair Problem

  1. fuckpoliteness says:

    Well I felt weird about gifting my partner with the pseudonym ‘The Bearded One’ (which he tried to upgrade to The Wizard cos he has long greying hair – but I was having NONE of that) until I read that your pseudonym for your hubbie is RazorToe! The mind boggles! 🙂

    Also, I am a woman who understands the startling long-hair-on-your-partner issue! Ponytails are go for The Bearded One. I think he ought to CHOOSE what kind of hair he’s going to have, cos the beard, the ponytail and the slight monobrow add up to too much!

    I am actually jealous…my uber curly hair is so ludicrously fine that it just kind of drifts out of my head a bit more every day – and it never just looks classy or still, it’s kinda BOING!! He has this MANE of shiny thick straight hair.


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