Twisted Ovaries Fight The Power

ALERT!!! One of Feminisim’s Pieces of Dirty Laundry Aired

Either my brain is exploding or twisty really is taking on the shiznit right now. Never mind I just had lots of 2 buck chuck with my mommah friend and spilled lots of beans so to speak. I’ve got to get back to reading twisty, but before then I’d like to send a shout out to Daisy who was cited in Salon today

I really, really would like feministe and feministing to do a piece on this! I also want to know what bluemilk and bianca bean and Daisy (linked above) think of Twisty’s post


oh and btw Happy Holidays!

More on Twisty’s Post

Terms that need defining IMO

Nuclear Motherhood

Comment’s I agree with: (in no particular order)

It’s a lose-lose situation no matter which way you play it. The patriarchy has it set up so that we cannot make the right choice. I think, bottom line, that’s Twisty’s point, though of course she’ll correct me if I’m mistaken.No right choice. If you’re female in this life, you receive an automatic ‘F,’ so there’s no use squabbling over who got the ‘F-’ as opposed to the ‘F ‘ or any such crap like that. Especially once you realize that the patriarchy’s the one handing out the grades.

We need a new scoring system.

Most child-rearing in traditional cultures around the world relies on an extended family living situation. Some are even matrilineal, though of course those are the ones under the most pressure to change from the dominant culture. I recently saw a documentary about matrilineal people in central asia who live from birth to death in the households of their mothers. Only women, (starting from the age of 13, when they are considered adults) have private bedrooms in the family home. Women initiate sexual contact & their lovers visit over night. The primary parenting roles are filled by the biological mother and her brothers, with the various biological fathers of the children playing peripheral roles.

In Venezuela, stay at home moms earn social security because the value of their work is included in calculations of GDP/GNP. One of the western world’s favorite subsidiary of the patriarchy, capitalism, depends on the unpaid labor of women in the home for its existence. If that work were included in the actual economy as wages the whole lousy setup would fall apart. Not that it’s not falling apart anyway.

It’s the assumption that a working person has a wife at home that is the problem, and it’s the patriarchal view of domestic work that is the weak link.

Some choose to have kids, some don’t, some never had a choice–so fuck the patriarchy and its aim to keep women divided against each other.If anyone wants to judge me for my *selfishness* in becoming a parent, well, tough shit. They’ll have to get over it or die pissed off. I’m not judging anyone for NOT wanting kids.

And I started a thread over at Offsprung to continue the conversation and get some “patriarchial types” thoughts—btw that means men (not men who think women need oppressing)

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