Pockets, Debates, and Topics

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Here’s a few topics I have rattling around my brain, please let me know what you are interested in hearing about in the comments!

Make a statement, support moms, and mom and pop shops by buying handmade for the holiday and beyond


Politics of Parent-Child Relations

Let’s face it debating with your child can give you a run for your money, especially if you’re not prepared

food wars:

  • healthy vs. junk


  • clean up your toys then you can have a sucker
  • go potty and get a chocolate chip
  • if you eat ____ then you get a ____

Monkey see, monkey do/ Peer Pressure

  • Brand name clothing to “be cool”

2 Responses to Pockets, Debates, and Topics

  1. writinggb says:

    Hmmm, I’m interested in the whole using food to train kids because of the implications for the eating habits. Linking food to rewards can mean emotional eating later in life….


    • chaos says:

      Yeah, I suppose its one of those things that is over used at home and in school. And I am completely guilty of it! I pulled up a few articles and will write more later.


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