Dispatch from Bitchville

Let me just get this right out there. I had a great Thanksgiving and know I am very blessed. Now that is over, here is how I have been feeling for real…

I hate everyone and everything. I am taking hormones, and not even the really “big hormones”.

Kiddo finally went down for a nap BUT I thought she had ESCAPED from her room and disappeared before I found her asleep on the floor. And yes, her new trick is escaping from her room by standing on a box and hopping over the gate. Oye.

One Response to Dispatch from Bitchville

  1. writinggb says:

    My son when he was three decided to play hide and seek with mom and dad, but he didn’t tell us. We became absolutely frantic after a few minutes. Cause he could have gone outside and then he’d be run over or picked up by molesters or what have you.

    Turns out he was hiding in the dog’s crate (cage) and watching us run around the house. Once I started screaming, he got scared and called out sheepishly. Man, was he in trouble!

    Sorry you’re feeling yucky! This, too, shall pass….


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