Ruthless Pragmatism

At first I was feeling unsure of Obama’s Chief of Staff pick, and listening to my dhuz talk about worrying there would be too much regulation now that Obama has been elected didn’t make it any better. Damn Libertarian leaning techies…But after reading what Rahm(bo) Emmanuel said I feel much much better. It goes right along with an article I read in the NYTimes a while ago.

How his students characterize him: NYTimes: The College Issue-Case Study

He came across as very practical and down to earth. I think that reflects who he is as a person and his experience organizing and in the legislature.” Dan Johnson-Weinberger, who lobbies for progressive causes in Illinois, agreed that his former professor isn’t likely to emerge as an ideological liberal if he indeed makes it to the White House. “Based on what I saw in the classroom, my guess is an Obama administration could be summarized in two words,” he said. “Ruthless pragmatism.”

Now I am off to write Mr. President Elect about the “bailout”

And if you haven’t gotten a chance go check out

In closing, I must admit I am kind of a ruthless pragmatist myself 🙂

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