Ongoing Event: Postcards for Obama



Please Come and Make your own postcard or donate postcard postage. I have 140 to handwrite. This postcard drive will be ongoing–weekly (see dates below) until Oct. 11th (Sat.). When hopefully we will wrap this up. You can even make an appointment to come by and help! If you want to be involved, contact me via email:

hera at yewess dot us


My Birthday! 9/22

The text on the back says:

Dear Voter, The Obama/Biden ticket has an extremely detailed and heavily researched plan for change. I urge you to go online and check it out. Obama realizes the best way to improve things is to invest in our most precious resource, U.S. citizens, so we all can make this country stronger.

Alt. Text

Dear Voter, I can’t afford 4 more years of increased health care premiums and gas prices. Please check out Barack’s plan online. We can invest in every citizen, improve our union, and re-establish what America stands for in the eyes of the world. It will take sacrifice and hard work but I am willing are you?

4 Responses to Ongoing Event: Postcards for Obama

  1. writinggb says:

    Hey, great idea. I finally donated to the cause. I’ve been waiting to see where my tiny dollar contribution could help the most. Finally decided to give money to a voter registration in swing state effort by

    The postcards are a good idea, too. Where did you get the postcards?


  2. chaos says:

    You can get postcards at your local campaign office 🙂


  3. Carly says:

    How far are you from RTP?


  4. chaos says:

    email me at hera at yewess dot us and I’ll tell ya 😉


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