Rebels for Obama?

I have confirmation from the photographer that this picture was not photo-shopped.
Rebels for Obama?

Rebels for Obama?

source: Deondra Ramsey

Here’s the conversation I started with someone I met while canvassing:

(Names are not included.)


I attached the above picture to the email.

It was great meeting and talking with you. I’d love to chat again because you have insight that I don’t, maybe we can help each other .I’ve been reading through the Obama plan and I can’t believe the difference between what people think and what the plan actually is. Maybe if we combine our knowledge we can help some “see the light”. I found a picture that made me feel hopeful…its ironic but I still felt hopeful. It seems like the combination of the two might signify a
change of heart and a new southern pride. Being from NY I am not sure what to make of it….maybe you can interpret…


Hello, yes, I would love to help; it’s really hard to find people in my demographic that really know what’s going on. It’s not because there stupid, they just don’t listen to the correct sources of the news media, such as Fox News. Fox News is a phenomenon to me; it reminds me of “The National Enquirer”. Even Scott McClellan told us the Bush White House gives Fox News talking points. There’s just no such thing as free media anymore, except maybe the internet.

Wow, as for that picture, I have yet to see something like that in my area. Where did it come from? I do wonder if it has been PhotoShop edited. Wouldn’t it make a great bumper sticker, “Southern Rebels for Obama”? This reminds me of a conversation I had with a farmer in the small town of Nashville NC. I was at a country restaurant where I intercepted a conversation about the economy between the farmer and a cook. The conversation quickly went into politics. What he told me was simply remarkable, but yet so refreshing. He stated that he had voted for Bush twice, but now he actually understands how Rev. Wright fells towards the USA. He was at one time middle class, but now has been forced to sell off his cattle just to survive. I believe it had something to do with Bush’s farm bill causing small farmers to struggle as their programs benefit only corporate agribusiness. This is a good example of your change of heart. Wouldn’t it be great if we could actually use this farmer to do a commercial for Obama? That would be very effective in the southern states. We also need to educate the south about the so called new conservative’s radical ideologies about the Middle Eastern campaign. This would also work well in the south. Enjoyed talking to you, please let me know how I can help, keep me posted.

2 Responses to Rebels for Obama?

  1. writinggb says:

    Wow! That is an amazing picture! I wonder if the person even thought about the message that those two stickers give when paired together….

    Glad you are working for Obama. I keep holding my breath. I wish I could believe it will happen, but there is so much ignorance out there…. 😦


  2. I don’t find this hard to believe, the southern relationship to the flag is more complex than lots of people realize. I’ve seen that (Obama bumper stickers along with confederate flag decals!) several times now.

    Daisy’s confederate flag thread


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