I’d be willing to bet Moshie will be done teething by the end of Sept. at the latest. Just when I think we are going to have  a break she starts again. Today she didn’t eat anything but ice for hours, then after dinner at  bedtime she wanted FOOD NOW!!!! I think the hunger finally got her and she snapped. I didn’t realize it and neither did dh. Poor kiddo kept trying to tell us. She usually does the I’m hungry–want this–routine when it is bedtime, so we were confused. She really was hungry this time.

The best part of tonites extended bedtime was she let me rub lotion on her arms, legs, back, and feet. And she signed three words to me….”fish (cracker) more please”

Were winding down from having company for two weeks right now, and am feeling nervous about it being just Moshie and me this week. Thank goodness my neighbor and I get to hang out sometimes, we keep each other sane. This week I start sitting her babe on Tu/Th nights while she goes to school.

One Response to Teeth

  1. writinggb says:

    Ah, we taught our baby sign language for hungry and thirsty and more and please. It’s so helpful for the little ones to be able to express themselves! Our son started teething at three months old. Ugh. Some long nights up with a crying babe.


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