birth story in abbreviated form

These are great stories..

here’s mine:

breathe, laugh, love


What will I do with this next chapter? Its largely up to fate & medicine whether I birth another baby. Beyond that I still don’t know what I want my story to look like. I like being around babies and moms my birth experience was good. I could try the doula thing. I could try to go back to school for Speech. I guess I am not in the right place/time to make that decision. On to trying again..

2 Responses to Story

  1. Bianca Bean says:

    I’m getting certified as a postpartum doula this year. If my birth and postpartum experiences hadn’t been so difficult, I probably wouldn’t have ever considered it. Lemonade and whatnot. Best to you on your journey, Dear.


  2. writinggb says:

    Our society is notorious for not letting people transition, just inhabiting that uncomfortable and uncertain space between endings and beginning. Take your time…


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