Organizing is My thing?

ok my nick on here being chaos…my house is usually not fit for company BUT it seems that left over pregnancy hormones are still affecting my ability to think like myself

Reasons why I am sick in the head right now super homemaker

  1. All my closets are neat, including Moshies
  2. I have no dirty piles of laundry
  3. I ran the dishwasher twice today/ unloaded it once
  4. both the upstairs and downstairs carpets have been vacuumed (spelling?)
  5. the downstairs carpet was done twice in the last week
  6. the bathrooms are clean
  7. I organized dhuz’s bathroom cabinets
  8. I planned two meals for this week

During this frenzy of cleaning/ organizing I realized

  1. I am bored and frustrated
  2. I was really feeling down and sick  while pregnant
  3. I need to get out more
  4. The thought of putting moshie in childcare sends me into fits…for some reason I have always hated getting in and out of the car so the dropoff/pickup thing really sucks bigtime
  5. I want to work at a job that is challenging and utilizes my educational background yet it doesn’t seem realistic because I hate feeling rushed about everything..
  6. I think I need to go to a seminar about small business loans and consult with one of the SCORE volunteers

One Response to Organizing is My thing?

  1. writinggb says:

    Man, d I ever understand about the career stuff. I want to do something worthwhile and challenging but not have it suck me dry. So far, I haven’t been able to avoid the second part…. If you figure it all out, please give me a holler. (And hang in there.)


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