I couldn’t have said it better so here it is

“Everyone acts like they want to hear less bitching and more gratefulness from us privileged feminists. So here’s what I’m grateful for tonight..From BitchPhd”

(Things I am thankful/grateful for)
1.The Simpsons….especially Lisa Simpson
2.The library and tv you don’t have to pay for
3.My sweetie moshie who………
gives lots hugs and kisses*
knows how to enjoy a good bubble bath and book
sits on the potty and goes with her diaper still on
requests “imp-ins” as soon as she realizes her dada is on the couch
is starting to put 2 words together spontaneously…and will ask me (what) “dooin?”

*The last 2 nights during bath time she will stand to play with her toys and just come to the side and plant one right on my lips….I almost melted into a little puddle both times..


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