Loverly Timing

So heres the time aspect of the whole thing, I have to wait until Thurs. for surgery, when I want closure to this NOW. DeeR hz has to go away on business to take a test for his new certification/ career path. So Friday my rest and recover day I will be spending with Sophie monster/ friend to help with anything I cannot do.

If they try and induce me the worst thing that could happen would be an emergency D&E. I wonder if then I would have to be scheduled for an induction at the same hospital that does the D&E’s. An induction I believe will be a more flexibly scheduled procedure, as opposed to the D&E. I am told that the D&E can only be done by a few skilled docs at certain hospitals. I dont get that what if someone needs one in an emergency? It must be that they are scheduled at certain hospitals. It still doesn’t make sense that my regular OB cannot a schedule a D&E someplace. This whole situation reeks of politics because only certain places/ docs can schedule this kind of procedure, when so many of them must have the training to do it. I say this is politically motivated because a second trimester abortion is essentially the same procedure (minus the fetal demise factor).

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