This is the end…almost

Cue twilight zone music…

(for my title I wanted to put something with tomb as womb but alas I could not find a witty way to do it)

RIght now I am stuck in a sort of medical limbo, in more than one way. This Thurs. (or Wed) I went for my second ultrasound at a supposed 17 weeks, and they found no heartbeat. Fetal demise (at 14 weeks) is what they called it. Funny how these medical terms sound. An amniocentesis will cost a thousand bucks out of pocket and there is a 50% chance our insurance would cover it. Have they looked at what kind of insurance I have? Probably not. Knowing our insurance I estimate our chance at getting this procedure covered is 25% and thats stretching it.

Right away I am told that a D&E is the best solution to my situation.I am told it will take less time and will cause me less trauma, while this may be true for most people, the doc hasn’t even looked at my chart. I must wait a week and the two hospitals nearest me do not do the procedure, so I can’t have a doc from my group do the surgery. The doc also tells me that a D&E will most likely ruin any good chance at getting to the “why” question, but it is more likely that insurance will cover this ineffective testing. (!!????wtf)

After some research our other chance at getting some answers to why this fetus died is to be induced and deliver it whole so then they can do an autopsy. Basically they either take it apart while it is still inside me or after. Sounds great, doesnt it?

Swedish Hospital Medical Center- Comparison of Second Trimester Pregnancy Termination for fetal demise


DE=Dilation and Extraction

LIP=Labor Induction Procedure

Both DE and LIP are safe and effective methods for second trimester pregnancy termination. The most common sideeffects with either procedure are nausea and vomiting.Major complications such as hemorrhage, abdominal perforation, or lacerations are rare with either method and these complications occurred no more often than that seen in full term deliveries. Despite longer lengths of stay with LIP, DE is the more expensive procedure due to anesthesia, ultrasound, and operating room costs. The majority of LIP procedures are completed in 12 hours, although nulliparouspatients may have a longer labor. This information is useful in counseling patients considering either a DE or a LIP because of a fetal abnormality or fetal demise.

Why am I not given the whole picture here….Dr Google gladly gave up the information? So as of right now I do not know if the OB’s I go to see will/ can do LIP. More on why LIP sounds better to me later…

2 Responses to This is the end…almost

  1. Bianca Bean says:

    Oh, shug. I am so fucking sorry about this. If you want to talk at any time I am all ears (or eyes).


  2. blue milk says:

    Oh that is awful news, how heartbreaking and how difficult for you. I hope you’re going ok.


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