AMA Seeks to Outlaw Homebirths

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more info about Resolution 205 via feministing

Just when I thought we Americans were making some progress and catching up to the rest of the “civilized world” the AMA comes out with this….

Until the AMA proposed ‘Resolution 205 on Home Deliveries,’ no state had considered legislation forcing women to deliver their babies in the hospital or limiting the choice of birth setting. Instead, states have regulated the types of midwives that may legally provide care. Currently, 22 states already license and regulate CPMs, who specialize in out-of-hospital maternity care and have received extensive training to qualify as experts in the types of risk assessment and preventive care necessary for safe and high-quality care for women who choose give birth at home. Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs), who are trained primarily as hospital-based providers, are licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The resolution did not offer any science-based information for the AMA’s anti-midwife or anti-home birth position.

from RH Reality Check

9 Responses to AMA Seeks to Outlaw Homebirths

  1. Bianca Bean says:

    This is appalling.


  2. chaos says:

    sad, that we are so far behind the rest of the world


  3. Megan says:

    Makes me absolutely SICK! Go ahead and send me to jail, because I will never have a baby in a hospital again!


  4. inspirechildren says:

    It’s so sad that they are trying to regulate birth even more then they already to for most US births. I’m training to be a midwife and I have had both of my children at home, and unassisted at that.

    Really there is probably no way that this will happen. There is always the “Oops! The baby came to quickly and I called my friend.” approach to this. Crazy, but I’ll just keep my energy to supporting midwifes and home births.
    Thanks for posting.


  5. Joseph Almond says:

    How can all infants be microchipped if there are non-hospital births?

    Just another brick in the wall.


  6. writinggb says:

    Ridiculous. Surely people will be contesting this…? Wish I was having a baby so I could make a ruckus… Hmm. On second thought. 🙂


  7. ladybeams says:

    Just yet another way doctors, hospitals, and “Big Pharma” are trying to force our dollars into their pockets. They can’t make the big bucks on home birthing. So many ways we really are becoming a “police state”.


  8. Paul Littlecoyote says:

    Yes indeed! How can the SYSTEM microchip babies if they are not birthed in a hospital controlled environment? I have been against hospital births generally since I was old enough to figure out that hospitals are the FILTHIEST environments on earth… of course! Have a baby in a hospital – and expose it to disease – which you will have to pay more for to cure!!!!! I saw the AMA plan years ago! SCREW the AMA! SCREW any legislator that dares to try to outlaw home birth! Where are the feminists now? Isn’t this about women controlling their own bodies?
    Its time to REVOLT! Don’t let this abomination get any more power! Use more birth control! Don’t have any more babies if this is how its going to be!


  9. […] I am totally mortified by this device that has cervical clamps to measure dilation….I think this is actually sadder than the AMA wanting to outlaw homebirth […]


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