Welcome Nemo2

Its official! Nemo 2.0 is in the uterus! I am tired hungry and nauseated, also our little family is still recovering from a cold virus…
written on 4/23 @6wks2days

This cold virus is hanging on and making me feel more nauseated….bleh
Moshie is now fine and bouncing off the walls….I am dragging trying to feed her and keep up with her…
So far I have tried to cure this nausea with vitamin B6 every 4 hours, tums before every meal and dramamine. My neighbor has been a god-send in the last few days bringing me food, when I am desperate and consoling me with her company.
Yesterday was much better than today..one step forward and one back…

This ends the softball season for me 😦 and for some reason I thought this might happen. I told one of our coaches/ the priest at church. It was our churches team, in mostly a mens only league. I probably would have been warming the benches lots but I was improving with practice.

2 Responses to Welcome Nemo2

  1. writinggb says:

    Congrats! Hope you feel better soon. 🙂


  2. bianca says:

    Oodles and schmoodles and caboodles of congrats, mama!!!


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