Chicago: When your good to mama

I’m visiting family this week so I am “live from Upstate NY”! Thankfully my cousin is letting me stay with her and her family. She’s got an already baby safe place. Luckily, she is understanding when I shoot my mouth off. Thank goodness.

We watched Chicago the musical with that Bridget Jones chickie, Queen Latifah, “that guy Madonna dated”, and (briefly Dominic West).

I’ve been making a list of the many ways my cousin and I are alike and so far I’ve got: We Both

  1. make lists on old mail
  2. leave dirty diapers around the house
  3. like cartoons
  4. are absent minded (ADD)
  5. found schoolwork was difficult
  6. have cluttered counters
  7. put papers in piles (where they are safe)
  8. can’t find papers when they are filed in our file cabinets because we think we left them in a “safe pile”

My new motto: When your good to mama……..mama’s good to you

One Response to Chicago: When your good to mama

  1. writinggb says:

    Have a great visit!


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