Women and Children First (for once)

Women’s (and children’s) Rights are Human Rights (DUH- People do forget this???)

By Georgie I’ve found it, some of what Feminism means to me

Global Feminism…..What is that You say? Here’s a great example of Global Feminisim from The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)

And for those that won’t click through..(my addition)

Global Feminism”…seeks the advancement of women. …(giving) women equal rights in all aspects of their lives including political, health, educational, social and legal. It also calls for action in nearly every field of human endeavor: politics, law, employment, education, health care, commercial transactions and domestic relations”.

Da Babe

I found “rent a toy” through this blog

I may look into renting some for Moshie. This sounds like a great idea for the environment!! Check out Baby Plays

I like the advice in Coping with the Caveman in the Crib. I tried what it suggested and it worked, not surprisingly. How ’bout that, kids want exactly what we want when we are upset….understanding.

Just for a funny “Women’s News” Bitch is the New Black & Bitches get stuff done
From Tina Fey on SNL (after clicking scroll down for video)

3 Responses to Women and Children First (for once)

  1. writinggb says:

    A great statement!

    I thought of you last night when I went to a show by the Guerilla Girls. Their show is called Feminists Are Funny, and it was awesome. They are trying to recover the word feminist for our use and enjoyment. 🙂


  2. chaos says:

    thanks for thinking of me and posting a comment I might try and get some people together to go to Asheville and see the guerilla girls or ask them to come to my town!!
    I am spreading the word to see who might be interested…thanks again!


  3. writinggb says:

    They were awesome! Definitely worth having them come. Our poor Gender Studies Director had to go a beggin all around campus to get money from different department and groups, but it was such a wonderful event. Sad thing is that it didn’t cost that much, but we have no budget, so it was out of reach without help.


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