The Wire: s5e8 **Possible Spoiler Alert**

Just a few, what the hell is going on questions? 

On Gus’ (Baltimore Sun- editor) computer he’s got this line, Why is it there?:

Many Are Trapped for Hours In Darkness and Confusion

My guess is this is some writers joke, about prepositions? Someone please interpret…..

Why is a little kid doing the only murder in this episode?

Beadie is my girl-crush..I love it when she slams the door on McNulty’s confession.

Anybody catch the parallel between McNulty saying that he watches himself do all this, now he can’t even stand it and when Cutty says something similar to the Deacon. I think Cutty says that its like he’s been outside himself watching what he does (not liking it) and now he can’t do it anymore, so he’s looking for another gig.

6 Responses to The Wire: s5e8 **Possible Spoiler Alert**

  1. aschrock says:

    Hey, the quote on Gus’ desk is taken from a story by Pulitzer prize winning reporter Robert D. McFadden on the WTC bombings in 93. No I didn’t know this off-hand 🙂 but I take it to be an homage to Simon’s affinity for “real” reporting, contrasted with Templeton’s fabrications.

    Also, did you catch the fed’s facial expression while his underling was detailing the profile of the serial killer to McNulty? Somebody’s going down, and soon…

    What’s up with switching of Omar’s body bag ID?


  2. chaos says:

    The description of the serial killer was to a T McNulty, the looks that were exchanged were great

    Not sure about the Omar ID thing, he did have the right tag at the end (I went back to watch it again just to make sure)
    Maybe we will find out later…

    McNultys got to shut that shit down yesterday but I’m almost positive him and Lester and Bunk will come off ok in the end


  3. Vince says:

    At the end of Episode Eight Omar’s ID is on the wrong body; the coroner corrects the error by then putting it on Omar and the episode ends. The joke is that his tag is on a white male cadaver (despite saying #2/black male).

    The point of this is to show that outside of the world that Omar and the other slingers live in…West Baltimore, he doesn’t matter…he is totally UNRECOGNIZABLE and ultimately FORGETTABLE. For all that he’s done (and that his name rings out with fear in his neigborhood) he is, at the end of the day, just another body. There is no fame or recognition in the rest of the world.


  4. The Most Modest says:

    As a journalist, I think I understand the headline on Gus’ computer. First, it’s the subhead on a NY Times article about the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993. But the text of that subhead is relevant to the journalism business.

    “Many are trapped for hours in darkness and confusion.”

    As a journalist, to me this refers to the reading public who may be vaguely aware of some important event or issue in their community, but remain “trapped for hours in darkness and confusion” until the newspaper is able to shine light on the situation and provide details. At least that’s what it means to me.


  5. chaos says:

    interesting viewpoint most modest


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