5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kid Do

I don’t like these things one bit but I do think he has a point. For me I think it is a mommy instinct not to let my kid do anything dangerous because Damn it took lots of hard work to get her here and when I see her hurting, it hurts me. We try and shelter kids from the way the world really works (sometimes for our own sake), when we do this they only want to experiment more. So, while I don’t like the idea of my kid doing dangerous things in general, if they are taught safety and supervised closely, they have knowledge that can serve them when they are out in the world. An out in the world they will be faced with danger. Protecting my kid from learning about dangerous things would be more about giving in to my own anxiety, and passing on helplessness that goes with ignorance. Besides there is much fun in teaching/ doing those dangerous things when my anxiety is put aside.

I am sure playing with fire has been used as a metaphor for teenage sexuality and I think it fits. There can be serious consequences when teens play “with fire” but when they are taught about their bodies, hormones, and emotions they have more information to make their own decisions with. Parents also need to know that kids have the power to decide what they will be involved with, there’s a reason that umbilical cord was cut. What I dont want to do is this…From Yay for Teen Sex

..refuse to respect their intellectual and emotional depth and to treat them accordingly….

I think that quote can go for those other dangerous things mentioned too.

Coping with the Caveman in the Crib

2 Responses to Tinkering

  1. bluemilk says:

    I loved this. Thanks for the link, thought his ideas were fantastic, and very much in line with my partner’s thoughts on what to teach our daughter. Can you expand on your own feelings on this guy’s theories, you mentioned that you didn’t like them but were still impressed?


  2. chaos says:

    No prob, see post for update 🙂


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