Constabilatin’ on The Wire

My new favorite obsession is, five whole seasons long, The Wire a “…brutal, savvy cop-show-cum-urban-studies-seminar set in Baltimore (aka) “the decline of the American empire.” I heard or read somewhere that Obama said his favorite show was The Wire, so I figured what the hell I love cop-u-dramas. Hey I kinda like that word. I especially love shows you can play drinking games with the number of times the word f#*& is used. 🙂

Here’s an even better description of the show from Simon himself

via. The New Yorker Article: Stealing Life

The Wire, Simon often says, is a show about how contemporary American society—and, particularly, “raw, unencumbered capitalism”—devalues human beings. He told me, “Every single moment on the planet, from here on out, human beings are worth less. We are in a post-industrial age. We don’t need as many of us as we once did. So, if the first season was about devaluing the cops who knew their beats and the corner boys slinging drugs, then the second was about devaluing the longshoremen and their labor, the third about people who wanted to make changes in the city, and the fourth was about kids who were being prepared, badly, for an economy that no longer really needs them. And the fifth? It’s about the people who are supposed to be monitoring all this and sounding the alarm—the journalists. The newsroom I worked in had four hundred and fifty people. Now it’s got three hundred. Management says, ‘We have to do more with less.’ That’s the bullshit of bean counters who care only about the bottom line. You do less with less.”

My Favorite Scene

Wire Fire- TV’s bleakest drama is also its hottest.

Everything you were afraid to ask about the wire

The Wire on Fire: Analyzing the Best show on TV<–Link contains reference to books the show is based on

Slates TV Club: The Wire

Fresh Air Interviews: Wire Actor

Methadone for Wire Fans: What to read when the season ends

Lyrics to “Way Down in the Hole”

4 Responses to Constabilatin’ on The Wire

  1. bluemilk says:

    I hear so many good things about this show, it is one on my To Do List.


  2. chaos says:

    I highly recommend the show but beware it is


  3. writinggb says:

    I wonder why, in particular, Obama likes the show. Any insight on that?


  4. chaos says:

    Critics say that the show is as close as tv can come to portraying a city and how its layers interact with eachother, i.e. the street, the law, the politicians, the schools, the press…
    I think he agrees with the ascertion that the show portrays the decline of the American Empire..
    As a teacher I think it was pretty fair in showing that for street wise kids who go on to deal drugs, school is just practice for getting over on the cops.


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