Things Running Thru… v 2.0

Coffee saves lives, I need more.
Moshies teething again and is stuck on eating sliced cheese, deli meats and frozen blueberries.
I might be tutoring 4th grade math…huz says its a good place for me to start with my own math skills.
I hate doctors appointments.
Trying to Concieve for 2 months now, and not charting yet. PMS’ing
I want to go to the Mothers 08 conference as a volunteer note taker.
Made proposal for Womens Circle at my church.
Moshie was baptized this past Sunday. She took the towel they tried to blot her head with and threw it on the floor. She got lots of laughs.
Focusing on being an active Church member—> My other “activites” can benefit from good ole networking.

From Visual Thesaurus (no the sound button will not work)
Word of the Day for Jan 17th:


Word of the Day for Jan 7th:

One Response to Things Running Thru… v 2.0

  1. writinggb says:

    Ah, frozen peas and tiny chopped carrots work, too. My son started teething at just under three months. EEEK. I remember those times well. Good luck!


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