Perfect Girl: Good Girl

From Broadsheet: Shaming Jamie Lynn Spears

Becoming accidentally pregnant — details of how exactly be damned — at age 16 means you are not “good, clean” but bad, impure. The entirety of the parental discussion in this piece revolves around the supposed revelation that Spears isn’t a good girl but a bad girl; it certainly isn’t a discussion, as a fellow Broadsheeter wrote in a recent e-mail thread, of whether it’s a “Good vs. Bad idea to not be extra careful not to get pregnant.” Even so, we don’t even know that Spears didn’t use contraception. Birth control fails, condoms break. Yet, the Times quotes 16-year-old Mikala Viscariello: “There is no excuse for not using contraception.” Alicia Akusis, 17, adds, “I don’t think she should have gotten pregnant in the first place.”There are some dangerous assumptions being made here, namely that having sex at age 16 makes one unclean, a fallen angel, and that contraception never fails. (emphasis mine) So much of the “TV’s perfect girl is pregnant” coverage focuses on the dilemma facing parents:

How do they best discuss the news with their kids? It’s an important question, to be sure. I just hope the dichotomous angel vs. slut, smart vs. stupid context in this Times article isn’t representative of how parents are answering that call.

And often do I think of answering that call.. I found a link to Virgin or Slut: Pick One on Feministing, that at the end answers some of the question asked by the first article. If you want the heart of the article start at page 2 third paragraph. Up to that point the article is about why teens / young adults are “screwed up about sex and their bodies”. Regardless of the choices Moshie makes I want her to feel good about herself and I want her to know she will always be loved.

Just to end with a funny….

One Response to Perfect Girl: Good Girl

  1. writinggb says:

    So much here to unpack. Yes, the virgin/slut choice is damaging. Yes, unhealthy attitudes towards our bodies. Yes.

    And yes, teen pregnancy can be a devasting event. So many problems can stem from unprepared, immature kids having kids.

    No wonder parents don’t want this for their children. But to castigate a child once the deed is done — well, how does that help? I agree.


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