I am not so great at being organized, which is why I might need to go to Hold Your Own in Cameron Village. Its a pretty ritzy place to shop so I’ll be going there for ideas more than anything. My MIL is coming to help me with this project, which we have already started, thanks to my friend from Hip Mamas! Just to give you an idea of my unorganized mind it took me 3-4 times to get things where I want them to be in the kitchen, and I know there will be some more improvements to come.

Potty Learning

I have started the potty learning with Moshie. We have a little potty, this is the third model we tried. The others were to big for her little fanny. C thinks that she signed potty after her nap because she had to go. Coincidence, I dunno, but probably. We are starting with the book Early Start Potty Training by Linda Sonna, PhD. The reviews on amazon say its not a comprehensive resource but more like an introduction. I like the idea of encouraging Moshie to pay attention to her bodily signals…

2 Responses to Learning/Training

  1. christygriner says:

    Okay, I am SO digging your blog. Then I see that you are potty training and baby signing. love it! Thank you for the encouragement and the comment. I am so overwhelmed with the whole idea of potty training. As you mentioned,

    […]I do think it
    might be more work but it helps them stay
    connected to their bodies signals, which is important
    to me…[…]
    I DO think self awareness is important. Hmm…I am almost talking myself into accepting the challenging.

    By the way, what IS the sign for potty? We have been signing diaper, which she has not used.


  2. chaos says:

    The sign for potty is the letter t and you shake it.
    or Have a looky here:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!


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