Notes: Left of Center

I came across When Feminists Become Mothers via bluemilk and felt ill reading it. This part especially because it makes it sound as if mothering isn’t valuable work.

For instance, if society paid mothers, then the role of men as providers would be undermined, which would then remove an important motivation for men to work, which would then further delay family formation.

Why is the role of caregiving not valued as “providing” for your family? You can have all the wealth in the world but abuse and neglect your children but that is “providing” for your family? I refuse to define my Feminist Motherhood because as I learn about being a mother it is growing stronger and changing every day. I want my daughter to have a happy and successful life as an adult, which she will define individually. We must know ourselves and be true to ourselves first, before we can make a decision TOGETHER (as a family). I will not confine my Feminist Motherhood by defining it.

I found this quote interesting…

I think that not only feminism but also the left as a whole do not value the idea of raising and nurturing the next generation. As a conservative and as a man who has taken on the role of “primary care giver” for my children I get a constant line of abuse from various lefties that suggest that I am a “bludger” or that I should “get a Job”.

I’d say berating this man for his role is Anti-Feminist and Anti-Feminist Fatherhood, if you will. Because doesn’t Feminisim inherently suggest that we ought to be able to choose our roles instead of being “gendered” into them. And if we consider ourselves a part of a family unit, won’t we act in the best interest of it and not as an individual. My husband would love to be home with our child, but we decided that he will work to bring home a paycheck (for many reasons) and I will stay home. We made this as a decision TOGETHER not individually. We did consider how this would effect us as indivduals and we will make adjustments accordingly. That seems to be a big difference in “how things used to be”. When talking to my own mother she seemed to have a concrete way of looking at what makes a good mom. And she felt like she was expected to get married and stay home with kids. This was her main goal. I have always known I wanted kids but that hasn’t been my main goal in life. Hasn’t Feminisim at least liberated us from that concrete vision. I sure hope so…It seems that way when I watch this….

Things Running Through my mind version 1.0

I have been wanting to hear The Tragically Hip but couldn’t remember their name for THE longest time. A song I keep singing to my babe is “ Baby I Love You from the album The Very Best of Aretha Franklin – The 60’s “.

I added Montessori Mama to my blogroll. Will I homeschool?: Part 1 will not be concluded for a good long while. I am Living in the Moment and enjoying every second.

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