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Why I love My Church

When I was leaving church community time today and an older lady asked if Moshie was a girl or boy. I said girl. I told the lady that today it dawned on me that no one knows if Moshie is a boy or girl because I NEVER put her in a dress now that it is colder. The lady said “good for you”. She was circulating “The Calendar Girls of New Bern”, where ladies bare their shoulders and other parts for charity and said “some of the ladies look all chewed up, but their spirit is good”. My reply was that the spirit is all that counted. I need to find out this ladies name, she’s fun to be around.

I made a deal with C for Saturday night. He said he would go grocery shopping if I went to the 20’s-30’s social for Church. I could not refuse. I hate grocery shopping. I had a really good time meeting the other 20s/30’s peeps. I did a little evangelizing about MomsRising and starting a women’s circle. I am really hoping this networking pays off in time. Goddess please grant me patience. I feel really pushed to speak out on behalf of women and children because of what I have learned through Feminist Theology and my experience in working with children. Women need a safe place for growth within this toxic culture we live in. I don’t know what will come of this but I am putting it out there.

So far I have shown The Motherhood Manifesto to five people. And I have about five others that have shown interest in seeing it.

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