Project update: I didn’t get to the Raleigh NOW meeting BUT my mommas group has viewed The Motherhood Manifesto! Yay, It seems to have resonated with everyone. Most all of the points were touched on as concerns of the group. I have posted an ad on craigslist and a message in the Triangle Mommies Networking bulletin thread.

Now for persistence, prayer, and patience. The hardest part of all.

Evidence Check: Education Missing the Mark

My feeling for a long time is that in education we are barking up the wrong tree. Kids with reading problems lack a good language base. We are trying to fix the end result of reading instead of addressing the basic problem of lack of experience with language.

American ChildCare: Poor Quality at Sky High Price (quoted from page 3)

“A third of kids entering kindergarten have inadequate language skills as their parents are working two or three jobs and not home.”

Early language and the development of children’s reading skills

Michele D. Poe, Margaret R. Burchinal and Joanne E. Roberts

Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, CB 8185, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-8185, United States

Received 5 February 2004; accepted 23 June 2004. Available online 12 August 2004.


There is considerable agreement that vocabulary plays a central role in reading acquisition, but there is less agreement about whether this association is direct or indirect through phonological and print-related knowledge. Longitudinal data from 77 African-American children were analyzed to examine the relationship between language skills, phonological knowledge and print processing skills at pre-kindergarten and kindergarten with reading at pre-kindergarten through second grade. Analyses indicated that home and child care experiences were related to reading indirectly through language and that language and phonological knowledge were both directly related to acquisition of reading skill. This study of African-American children and previous studies of lower- and middle-income children indicate both language and phonological skills play an important role in children becoming successful readers, and that experiences at home and in child care during in early childhood play a role in the acquisition of reading through their enhancement of early language and phonological skills.


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