Needy Wee Ones

Bianca has another good post up called Relief– hopefully my trackback works. I felt a rant coming on so I thought I’d better just post here.
Caring for the wee ones can be just as stressful if not more than a “high powered job” especially when peeps think you have it SO EASY.

Bianca is so NOT pathetic AT ALL. Who wouldn’t need a Break after being with a baby for a year straight? Her post doesn’t seem like whining, but more like self blaming. ACOA’s have got the market cornered on this. This whole parenting gig takes five villages.

Incredibly I have done well demanding and getting the help I need around the house and with the kiddo. Mostly with the kiddo. Dada feeds babe when hes home (even on days he works), puts her to bed at night most of the time, and gives baths. And he just got a raise. If I don’t ask him to spend time with her he usually does anyway. Yes the house help is slow generally but eventually I get it.

Crymea River

I started reading a book about tantrums and crying recently and I am growing more and more fond of letting my little one cry “if daddy doesn’t do it right” because wouldn’t she be crying even more in daycare with an 5:1 infant-teacher ratio. I want Moshie to learn crying is ok—it actually helps sometimes. What I have been reading is letting them cry and being there for comfort is the important thing,

When people start crying “Your not using your degrees” it seems silly to me because isn’t being a parent educating your own? I am an Educator. Theres lots of people not using their degrees working in different fields…

Process not product

I am constantly using what I learned in the process of getting those degrees. We put so much stock into those papers, when by themselves they mean shit. It’s real world experiences that count and me being with my kid opens a jolly can o’ real for me. In the long run this time will help me when I go back to work teaching because I am learning new “parenting/ tea ching skills” all the time. And I get a break from big governement screwing things up.

One Response to Needy Wee Ones

  1. Bianca Bean says:

    Thank you, shug 🙂 It’s the acoa thing and also the crazy “If I am a good mom I should be able to do this on my own” guilt thing. I wish I hadn’t turned so many people away, including Huz, in the beginning. I am going to learn to accept help! That is why we are moving. It’s better for all of us.


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