Moshie Signs!

Signing Time with Alex and Lia, Come and Play

Moshie spontaneously signs two words to her daddy …..more book, more eat! I had been working on book, but had not seen her do it yet. She absolutely LOVES non-fiction board books from the library, to the point of obsession.

For the last few weeks we have been watching Signing Time, sometimes twice a day. It gives me a needed break especially near dinner time. I usually abhor little kiddos watching TV but we try and do it interactively part of the time. If they sign ball we roll out the ball, etc. I really like one song “Show me a Sign”, but I could do without the theme song (see bold title above). I used sign when I did Early Intervention home visits and loved it. The progress was amazing.

I recently got Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen, Ed.D. from the library. I have been thinking about attending a 2 day conference on the method for my family and the new project/s I am working on.

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