I love Gluten

I just found this post: End No!

Now I have to go read this book. oh what fun reading it will be Endometriosis. A Key to Healing and Fertility Through Nutrition

so if you are gluten free it means you are eating way more refined carbs, what does this do for someone who has a family history of diabetes? Increase your chances of getting it sooner….

Reduction of one evil leads to an increase in another evil.

2 Responses to I love Gluten

  1. Liz says:

    I’m not sure if I understand your concern. I eat less refined carbs being gluten-free. I have just been diagnosed as insulin-resistant pre-diabetic. The solution there is increased veggies (complex carbs) decreased sugar and simple carbs (pasta, potato, rice). I regularly eat rice, corn and potato pasta. And my breads and baked goods are homemade. Am I answering any questions or am I totally of topic? 🙂


  2. chaos says:

    so you’ve got to also decrease the amount of rice, corn potato and pasta, right?

    arent gluten free breads made from rice flours (simple carbs)?

    oats and bran…are they gluten free?


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