Moshie Mile: Year 1

Milestones: Week of 11/4/07 12mo. 1 day
I saw Moshie take her first step without holding on to something in her crib, she wasn’t thinking and thats why she did it.

This week we went to the pet store and saw a real bunny, read the pudgy bunny book, sangLittle Bunny Foo Foo“, and saw a pet bunny in our board book of pets. Yesterday 11/13/07 she had a taste of a Carvel ice cream cake, and wasn’t so sure about the messy cold she wasn’t really able to pick up.

Today I noticed she has started pointing to many more things with her thumb and forefinger, so I narrate names for her. (door, closet, window, etc.) The last few weeks she has been clapping her hands whenever I sing patty cake and making a tiny “mew” sound for “Whats the kitty say? Meow, maow, mew”.

She has developed definite tastes, will pick through vegetables for the hot dog. I started not microwaving the hot dog until we’ve had some veggies so she’s not tempted to wait me out. I have been eating my veggies first also to try and be a good role model.

ReBirth x’s 2
On “the day” I went out to see The Business of Being Born, and had at least three teary eyed moments during the film remembering Moshie’s Birth. I mostly remembered the orgasmic sense of relief of seeing, touching, and smelling her was extreme. I don’t think you get a raw oxytocin rush if you mess with mother nature. I definetly believe birth is a sacred rite of passage, however you do it it changes you. After the film there was a panel discussion with 2 CNM’s, 1 Doula, 1 OB, and 1 VBAC Mom.

What I got out of it reminded me of another project I am working on, which comes down to the bottom line. MoolaH, money, cash, green paper. Women and children get the F*&ked when it comes to what is best for them. Its always, how do we fit women and children in the system to either make money or spend the least amount of money. Plain and simple exploitation.

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