Loose Threads

As usual my thoughts are like a tangled ball of yarn. Babes did fabulous on the NJ/NYC trip. We took a total of 8 trains to get to Manhattan from Newark, NJ and back again to our hotel. Freakin’ nutso. It was a miracle we made it to visit the Uncles at all. It just reminded me why I like to visit with them, they are just way kewl. They always have great food. And of course where they live is kewl too. Maybe next time we go visit we can stay in the B&B near their place, and get to see the building they bought for their business. Moshie was the only babe we saw the whole time we were in Manhattan, there were a few kids but no babes. They thought babes Gramma Noodle was exaggerating about Moshies absofabulous personality, ha!

Had a good conversation with the priest yesterday about showing the Motherhood Manifesto as a part of some kind of Lenten Education Program in Feb. Friday there is an annual meeting that I may go to also.
Reading the organization book has made me realize we need to make some decisions as a family on how to best utilize our space. We will set a time to discuss. I have to send huz emails to set up times for discussions..

I have gotten unofficial clearance to start trying again, it looks like my progesterone problem may have cleared up. The actual trying is contingent on getting the house organized.

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