Talkee Babe

This stage of language development is awesome. She has her own words for things. She has been signing more while also saying “num, num, num”. Dada taught her that. Were also starting to respond when she babbles “dada”, we point to him. If its “mama” we point to me. Then we ask “Where’s dada?” and if she looks at the correct person we praise. If not we demonstrate again. She looks at us like were insane most of the time, and it does sound like it……it’s so damn fun!

At the hip mommas playgroup I caught Moshie having, a very spiritually intense conversation with another child. She was holding G.’s cheeks with both hands and looking into her face. It didn’t look like she was being rough, but of course I wandered over during and said “bebe nice, nice”. I wish I had a picture of that moment. I think I will try to bring my camera next time. Some how I feel more comfortable as an observer in a big group, when I have a camera otherwise I think I’m antisocial . The playground disruption factor doesn’t help me “roll” in a social situation. Half the time I start and stop so much I feel like a stutterer. Usually once you get me going It’s hard to stop me.

There are three other things I have on my plate. I went to church this Sunday, just me and Moshie. C had a tummy ache. She may be baptized on Nov. 4th. I really like the priests. I started writing a business plan. I found a postpartum doula certification program that is reasonably priced that is in January. And I am still tutoring!

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