Here in NC were having a drought and bloggers are trying to raise awareness about water conservation. Recently I stopped using my cloth diapers out of fatigue, but see it was probably good due to climate conditions. Yesterday the conversation on the playground turned to water, specifically lawn watering. Rumor has it that some housing associations have been sending out letters to their residents saying property values are going down due to landscaping looking very brown. I really hope that is a terrible rumor with no chance of being true. On the other hand, I have seen some pretty lush green lawns in certain places.

The N&O has a great informational page with lots of links about the drought.

One Response to H20

  1. Marjorie says:

    Same in Virginia–and I was just wondering how on earth just a few lawns on my street are unbelievable lush and green… Sneaky lawn watering during a drought??? I read in the newspaper that people in Atlanta are turning each other in for that kind of thing.


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