Introducing: Moshie Miles

Moshie miles are what happens when kiddo does something cute, it gives me the fuel I need to keep running this relay marathon of parenting. Thank goodness it is a relay marathon. I love you Chris–thanks for the night off.

This week there were three Moshie miles added to our account. The first was her initiating peek-a-boo. I looked over at her playing and saw her doing it, then I engaged with the “boo”. It was a hit. Oh how I will miss these times when she is a screaming hormone-monster. The second was the first taste of chocolate. (a fudgecicle) She smiled and edged closer for more.

Tonite I went to see Hairspray, it was funnier than I expected. The third Moshie Mile happened right before I was about to leave the house. I scooped her up hugged her tight, gave her big mushy kisses, and told her how much I loved her.

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