Running Away to Jamaica

I almost wrote I really hate my cycle, which is not true entirely. It used to be worse pre-Moshie. I will spare you the details. Feeling isolated, blah. Intending to run away and never come back. Keep telling huz this and he laughs. Got some relief from mah “crafty” momma group.

PMSing’ over for the month, life is good again. Moshie is fussy and crying in her sleep so loud it wakes me several times a night, she is so like her dad.

I have been enjoying Offsprung, a “hip” parenting site and feminist blogs lately. Mostly feeling like I cant string two words together that make sense, I need to just get over it. Writing is like anything else it improves when you practice. I have been doing some positive self talk lately. <pats self on back> Shut up critical curmudgeon!

I’m adding two more things to my list of things I want to do (graduate minor womens studies) when I grow up–and a Ph.D student in Womens History

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