Divided Thoughts

I have the cartoonish angel and devil on my shoulder. My feeling is that I am being called to do something because I keep looking for a feminist group of mothers in my area and there is not one as far as I can see.

Here’s my inner conversation:

angel: you can do this, it is important to you and there have got to be others out there who think the same. Dont waste any time— think big and do it. stop worrying

devil: you have a 10 mo. old and youre thinking of #2 when things settle down. you can’t be getting involved in such a huge thing.

With my attention difficulties I mostly freeze up at this time and do nothing. Today I am going to write some goals for myself and see where it goes.

3 Responses to Divided Thoughts

  1. bianca bean says:

    You definitely have a ton to offer a group, and who better than other mothers to understand when you have to flake on meetings or show up crazy late? And you could just plant the seed, you know? You wouldn’t have to run the show. Start small. I’ve always thought something like the Ladies Sewing Circle & Terrorist Society on tribe.net sounded cool as hell. Mebbe something informal like that, but on a local level, would be manageable.

    Whatever you decide, do write about it.


  2. chaos says:

    ok at first I thought you were kidding about the name, then i googled it
    I just glanced at tribe.net and wow they seem cool

    so far my meetups with “crafty” mamas are good and no one is nutty in a bad way


  3. Marjorie says:

    More power to you in getting that going. I thought that a mothers’ group like that was some kind of a fantastic myth until recently. I did wonder where some of the girls in high school that I was in the Women’s Collective went if they ended up with children. If we could just re-form now–that would be my kind of mothers’ group.

    Not that I don’t enjoy the mothers’ group that I hang out with now; it certainly fills my need to interact with adults who get a lot of what I’m doing, and to have great kids for my guys to play with, and yes, definitely the all-important understanding when you have to cancel, but when a friend first sent me a link to some of you women online who are moms and feminists, I was beyond thrilled. Not that I didn’t think you existed out there…somewhere…just maybe not in my neighborhood, but this type of interaction was just missing for me, and now it’s not. I almost wonder if I would even get to listen as well to you in my living room while I was diving after a 2 year old as I can now, when I can settle in to the computer at 3 am or during naptime or whenever and really soak it up.


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