geek my gimp

I Linux wife, second to Tux, am forever beholden to thouest that knows code. Truly dearest code is poetry. Let the poetry flow from thy keyboard to wilbur, please geek my gimp with fonts of all kind.

email me if you want to see my pages….

I have been gimping some digi-scrapbook pages and having a ball. I have only made two pages but am getting better with each gimping. This leads me to lust for more bells and whistles to gimp with.. thus the begging of thy dearest poet.

A couple of posts ago when I was reading “Don’t Blame Mother” I said doing an interview for Moshie was going to give me some focus. Well I lied. I was looking over more of the interview questions and I pretty much covered it partially in this blog and mostly with my old blog. (Someday I will get around to merging the two- The old blog was like 3 years old) My mom is visiting in the next week or so….at least I will get to interview her.

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