Oh my, hide that breast

The Return of the Wet-Nurse

This is a great article, I can just see most of America passing out due to disgust and that is truly sad. When Moshie and I were finally home we went to visit her daycare teachers to help them out. (Note to self-I really need to go back there and do that again.) A new breastfed child had just started and was having trouble taking his bottles. When I heard him cry, my milk let down and I felt so badly for him. It seemed so natural for me to want to nurse him, but so unacceptable.

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One Response to Oh my, hide that breast

  1. superbeck says:

    And if he were my child I would have said go right ahead! Or not, if the idea was for him to take a bottle. I’m not opposed to wet nurses in the slightest, though, if something were to make me breastfeeding impossible.


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